• City of Allentown terminates contract with Delta Thermo
    The City of Allentown is pulling out of the contract with Delta Thermo Energy. This news surely spells the death of the experimental trash and sewage sludge incinerator that threatens Allentown. HOWEVER, the company’s air and waste permits are still out there. The air permit could be sold to other companies who want to develop that site. Their waste permit could be used by anyone here or elsewhere in the state, if not challenged. We also have an ongoing lawsuit to get the Allentown Clean Air Ordinance on the ballot, so that voters can adopt a law protecting the city against incinerator pollution from any company … Read more
  • Waste Industry and Allentown Residents for Clean Air File Challenges to Delta Thermo Incinerator Permits
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE6/20/2014 ALLENTOWN – The Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association (PWIA) and members of Allentown Residents for Clean Air (ARCA) filed separate appeals, challenging the permits granted last month to Delta Thermo Energy A, LLC (DTE).  An air pollution permit and a waste management permit were both issued to DTE by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association, representing operators of landfills and incinerators throughout the state, challenged only the air permit, while ARCA members challenged both the air and waste permits. PWIA’s appeal centers on some of the issues they raised in comments last year … Read more
  • Allentown Residents for Clean Air Renews Court Fight for Clean Air Ordinance
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE6/6/2014 Allentown Residents for Clean Air Renews Court Fight for Clean Air Ordinance ALLENTOWN – Members of Allentown Residents for Clean Air (ARCA) filed a motion in the Lehigh County Court of Common Pleas to bring a clean air ordinance to the Allentown voters.  Last year, ARCA members collected nearly 3,500 signatures, exceeding the 2,000 signature requirement for Allentown voters to put an initiative on the ballot.  The Allentown Clean Air Ordinance initiative would require any company building a new incinerator in the city to continuously monitor about 20 air pollutants, release the emissions data to a website … Read more
  • Delta Thermo Energy waste-to-energy plant gets necessary state permits
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  • Waste Industry Accuses Delta Thermo Energy of False Claims
    The Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association (PWIA) is accusing Delta Thermo Energy (DTE) of making false claims at a public meeting in late October.  The meeting was hosted by the PA Department of Environmental Protection, the agency considering air pollution and waste management permit applications submitted by Delta Thermo Energy (DTE) in the past year. As comment deadlines on these permit applications have recently expired, these latest comments debunk not only claims made to the public, but claims used to persuade the city to sign the 35-year contract they inked in March 2012. Their comments open by accusing DTE of making false marketing claims, in violation of the Federal … Read more