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Environmental Advisory Council Statement

Environmental Advisory Council
City of Allentown

On March 29, 2012 Allentown signed a 35-year contract with a private NJ company, Delta Thermo Energy (DTE), to build an incinerator on Kline’s Island in Allentown for disposal of the city’s trash and sewage sludge. The incinerator will be generating electricity from the heat generated in the combustor.

The EAC was briefed on the DTE process multiple times starting in 2010 by DTE’s company principals, Mayor Pawlowski, and advisors on the project. The EAC has done its own research which included consultations with people knowledgeable in related fields. Allentown has no control over any aspect of the operation of the facility, including monitoring, maintenance, or problems that may arise if this untried technology fails. The contract requires the city to pay DTE millions of dollars per year for 35 years to process and dispose of the city’s trash and sewage sludge.

It is the opinion of the EAC that this contract puts Allentown at unnecessary risk for financial losses and environmental damage to the city’s air, water, and quality of life while discouraging the adoption of less expensive and environmentally healthier options for its waste.

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City Council can still stop the DTE Enterprise

Hello concerned citizens,

There is still time for City Council to STOP the DTE enterprise. This coming Wednesday 5/16, Council will be voting on an ordinance that accepts three million dollars of grant money for DTE.

May 16, 2012 COUNCIL CHAMBERS 7:00 pm.

10. ORDINANCES FOR FINAL PASSAGE: Bill 26 Establishes Accounts for Waste to Energy Grant Funding

Amending the 2011 Solid Waste Budget to provide for supplemental appropriations of One Million Dollars ($1,000,000) from the Department of Energy and Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) from the Commonwealth Finance Agency.

Please come out to show council with our presence and by speaking out that we want them to not accept this money.