Allentown Clean Air Ordinance

  • If you don’t have the time to read through the entire proposed ordinance, this summary will give you an overview of what is covered by the ordinance.
  • Summary en Español
  • PROPOSED Allentown Clean Air Ordinance 1/10/2013
  • We collected more than the 2,000 signatures required to put this Ordinance on the November ballot

Allentown Environmental Advisory Council

Contract between the City of Allentown and Delta Thermo Energy

Delta Thermo Energy (DTE)

Delta Thermo Energy (DTE) AIR Pollution Permit Application

Research & Development Permit Application

Air Permit Application

Comments on Air Pollution Permit

Air Pollution Permit Issued

  • Plan Approval (Issued 5/14/2014, Expires 4/30/2016)document missing

Air Pollution Permit Appealed

Delta Thermo Energy (DTE) WASTE Permit Application

Comments on Waste Permit

Waste Permit Issued

Waste Permit Issued

Financial Documents

  • WTE Cost Comparison 2012-Feb-01At the request of the City of Allentown, Public Financial Management, Inc (“PFM”) prepared this presentation of costs of the City’s waste disposal activities under various assumptions supplied to them, including the effect of the proposed DTE System.
  • This report was presented to City Council to show them how the DTE project compares to the City’s current waste removal system.
  • This report presents three (3) scenarios: a “break-even” and two optimistic (positive) scenarios. There were no “worse-case” or “failure” scenarios presented to City Council.
  • All information employed in the attached presentation was provided to PFM by the City of Allentown or third parties designated by the City.
  • PFM was authorized to assume that all such information is accurate, complete and reasonable, and, with the consent of the City, they have made no examination as to the accuracy or completeness of any such information or the reasonableness of any assumptions as to future conditions which have been furnished to them.
  • PFM assumes responsibility only for the reliability of computations made and presented on the basis described above and, where appropriate, giving effect to historic relationships.
  • PFM makes no representation as to the achievability of any state of facts portrayed in the attached presentation.

Additional Resources and Documents