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Waste Industry Accuses Delta Thermo Energy of False Claims

The Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association (PWIA) is accusing Delta Thermo Energy (DTE) of making false claims at a public meeting in late October.  The meeting was hosted by the PA Department of Environmental Protection, the agency considering air pollution and waste management permit applications submitted by Delta Thermo Energy (DTE) in the past year.

As comment deadlines on these permit applications have recently expired, these latest comments debunk not only claims made to the public, but claims used to persuade the city to sign the 35-year contract they inked in March 2012.

Their comments open by accusing DTE of making false marketing claims, in violation of the Federal Trade Commission Act.

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Allentown Residents for Clean Air and PA Waste Industry Comments Skewer DTE Incinerator Air Permit


The Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association (PWIA) and environmental health advocates usually don’t agree on much, but they both agree that pollution permits should be denied to the trash and sewage sludge incinerator planned for Allentown by Delta Thermo Energy (DTE).

Allentown Residents for Clean Air (ARCA) members have been calling the proposed plant an incinerator, not a “waste-to-energy” facility, even citing the fact that DTE’s air pollution permit application lists them as an incinerator.  The waste industry now concurs.  In 37 pages of comments, they cite in detail how DTE’s facility is a solid waste incinerator under state and federal law.  The comments were filed, as were comments by ARCA members, as part of the comment period on the air pollution permit, which ended on Monday.  This, and a proposed waste management permit, are still pending approval by the PA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

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