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Who We Are

Concerned Residents working to ensure strict community air quality standards by introducing a Clean Air Ordinance initiative to voters on the next ballot.


Protect and Enforce Clean Air Standards in the City of Allentown.

We are working to stop the Delta Thermo Energy (DTE) Trash & Sewage Sludge INCINERATOR from being built in the City of Allentown. DTE refuses to put continuous emissions monitoring for ALL toxic pollutants exhausted by the incinerator.

Proposed Ballot Question

Should the City of Allentown adopt the Allentown Clean Air Ordinance which would require any new air polluting facilities burning more than one ton a day of a solid waste or fuel (such as coal or trash) to continuously monitor their air emissions for toxic and harmful pollutants, report emissions data in real-time to a public website, and be required to keep their air pollution within specified limits?

City of Allentown Clean Air Ordinance Initiative

The proposed Clean Air Ordinance would apply only to new air polluting facilities, which are facilities that start operating in the City of Allentown after November 5, 2013 and which burn more than one ton per day of a solid waste or fuel. This would cover facilities burning coal, waste coal, municipal solid waste (household and commercial trash), sewage sludge, tires, wood and wood waste, animal factory waste, construction and demolition debris, hazardous waste or industrial waste. The ordinance also covers gasification-type incinerators burning the above fuels or wastes. It would not affect small residential stoves or the burning of oil or natural gas.

The ordinance would set higher air pollution standards than state law requires. Typically, state air pollution permits require that only three air pollutants be monitored on a continuous basis, with several others being tested just once per year. This ordinance would require than an additional 15-18 pollutants be continuously monitored and that the emissions data be shared with the public in real-time on a city-owned website. It also sets emissions limits on four commonly-emitted pollutants.

The costs of compliance with the ordinance are to be born by any new air polluting facilities covered by the ordinance. The ordinance provides for penalties for non-compliance.

The Clean Air Ordinance will require Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) for all new polluting facilities built within the City of Allentown. This monitoring will ensure new facilities aren’t further jeopardizing the health of our residents.

Continuous Emissions Monitoring

ARCA feels that new pollution producing companies coming to Allentown should have to install continuous emissions monitoring that will continuously monitor the pollution coming out of the smoke stack of anyone burning more than 1-ton of trash daily. The Delta Thermo Energy incinerator will burn 150-tons of trash and sewage sludge daily.

Almost Ranked in the TOP-10 Worst Asthma Cities

Allentown now ranks #11 in the top WORST cities for people living with asthma in the United States. Allentown is moving up on the list, but NOT in a good way. In 2011, the Lehigh Valley ranked #18 on the list.

We don’t need to take any more chances with the air we breathe! Let’s not put Allentown in the TOP-10 WORST cities for people living with asthma in the United States.