City Clerk says that Clean Air Ordinance got enough signatures!

So simple, yet so satisfying:

“The City Clerk’s Office has reviewed your petitions and found them to be sufficient.”

Meaning that more than 2,000 of the 3,500 signatures that we collected turned out to be from registered Allentown voters. *whew*

This means that City Council has 60 days to adopt the Clean Air Ordinance themselves. If they vote against it or fail to consider it for 60 days, the Ordinance can appear on the ballot in November and the citizens of Allentown can adopt it.

To everyone who petitioned: Great job! You’re making democracy possible.

Special thanks to Mike Hanlon, Tawanna Whitehead, and everyone who helped the City Clerk’s office in the painstaking task of verifying the signers.

Final 10-day Clean Air signature sprint starts TOMORROW!

URGENT: The final 10-day Clean Air signature sprint starts TOMORROW! The city just confirmed that 1,376 of the 2,100 signatures we turned in are valid.

We need to collect 1,000 more to securely have 2,000 good signatures. That’s 100 signatures a day from Saturday 4/6 to Monday 4/15.

We have people committing to 50 or 100 signatures, with commitments totaling 350 signatures so far. Can you commit to 50? 20? 100? 100 is just ten a day… 🙂