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Waste Industry and Allentown Residents for Clean Air File Challenges to Delta Thermo Incinerator Permits


ALLENTOWN – The Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association (PWIA) and members of Allentown Residents for Clean Air (ARCA) filed separate appeals, challenging the permits granted last month to Delta Thermo Energy A, LLC (DTE).  An air pollution permit and a waste management permit were both issued to DTE by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

The Pennsylvania Waste Industries Association, representing operators of landfills and incinerators throughout the state, challenged only the air permit, while ARCA members challenged both the air and waste permits.

PWIA’s appeal centers on some of the issues they raised in comments last year highly critical of the air and waste permits.  The appeal argues that “Delta Thermo’s Incinerator” is indeed “an incinerator that burns solid waste, as defined under federal and Pennsylvania law and regulations, and should be regulated as such.”

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